A 14-YEAR-OLD schoolgirl has written a heart-warming poem in response to Manchester’s terrorist attack. 

Avid Ariana Grande fan Olivia Walsh was thinking about attending the concert where the attacks occurred. 

But despite not managing to get a hold of a ticket, she was deeply affected by the events that occurred.

After reading about the response of the emergency services and the people of Manchester after the concert the Lymm High School pupil decided to put pen to paper.

John, Olivia’s dad, was surprised and moved by his daughter’s thoughtful response. 

He said: “We’d never heard her write poetry before, but obviously it was something that affected not just Olivia but a lot of younger people.

“The attack was a terrible thing. 

“We will help each other, we will get better and we will move forward. We won’t be beaten back by terrorists.”

Having just qualified for the national championships in swimming, as well as being on a school programme for Oxbridge, the Lymm High School student can now add poetry to her lengthy list of accomplishments.

John added: “Olivia is a talented student.

“She’s a bright and articulate girl who puts a lot of effort into these things.

“It’s such a worthy thing to try and bring attention to this cause and the fact that she’s tried to do something positive out of it.”


We woke that Tuesday morning with tears stinging our eyes,

For the cowardly act of hatred came as a surprise,

Children were missing, parents in tears,

As the tragedy unfolded, it deepened our fears.


But we will not give in to violence,

As we are Manchester, we won’t sit in silence,

The ambulances came urgent and hurried,

While strangers opened doors to the injured and worried.


For that’s what we do here, we help each other out,

We won’t let the sound of hatred drown us out,

We will not listen to the threats that are spoken,

For we are Manchester and we cannot be broken.