I HAVE lived in Culcheth for many years.

Being retired, I have to use the train from Birchwood to visit my brother and sister, neither of whom have been well.

There is of course the usual small car park right next to the station and a larger car park, painted with blue lines to show that it is separate from the other larger car parks which I presume belong to the supermarket.

By paying a fee you can park within the blue lines and get to work in Manchester conveniently.

This arrangement is popular and necessary, this car park is completely full by 9am.

I have travelled on various trains after 9am. I have always paid the fee and used the adjoining supermarket car park as an overflow.

This has worked well for the past 15 years.

But now I have received a note on my windscreen to tell me that this is no longer possible.

I am sure I am not the only person with relatives on the stations between Birchwood and Manchester, retired people who do not relish the rush before 9am.

And any workers who arrive late will find they cannot park their car to get to work.

I hope this letter will alert someone in charge of the car parks to explain what we retired people and late workers should do.

There is only one bus per hour to the station from Culcheth.