CAMPAIGNERS are fighting to save Lymm's last bank after the parish council applied to register the branch as an asset of community value.

However, their attempts could be in vain after the property owner said listing the premises as such a site 'will have no bearing' on Lloyds Bank's decision.

Last month Lloyds Bank confirmed its site at The Cross would be closing on July 4.

It said the branch has just 18 'regular weekly personal and business customers' and that 63 per cent of its personal customers 'already use' other stores.

In a bid to save the site, Lymm Parish Council has applied to register the bank as an asset of community value.

Parish councillor Graham Gowland said: "A working bank is really important for a thriving community and I hope the borough council can see this.

"We want the premises protected and if you feel the same e-mail the officer making the decision telling them why the building needs to be kept as a bank.

"The branch has seen a drop in trade since Warrington Borough Council changed the car park charges – but this is being overturned in June – and we hope the village economy will start to recover.

"But with the closure of our Post Office, we call on Lloyds to support the village – helping Lymm prosper by keeping this important asset open.

"In return, we hope locals can support the branch and use it regularly."

Seven comments in support of the application have been submitted to the council.

However, an objection has also been submitted by Graham Chisnall, trustee of Chisnall Family Trust, which owns the property.

He said: "We are very disappointed that our tenant Lloyds Bank have decided to vacate the property – we have been notified of such via their agents CBRE, who have indicated that the bank will be decommissioned shortly after July 4.

"As owners we do not intend to sell the property.

"We, as owners, disappointing as it is, have no power to stop Lloyds Bank from vacating the premises.

"The application to list as an asset of community value would seem to be aimed at the tenant Lloyds Bank, yet would only give the council powers to postpone a sale of the property.

"As we do not intend to sell, we are opposed to this application on the grounds it would be irrelevant.

"We do not want Lloyds to vacate, yet factually listing the property as an asset of community value will have no bearing on Lloyds Bank's decision as it is only relevant to the property owner and we therefore oppose this application."

The parish council is urging residents to e-mail concerns to, quoting application number 2017/30258.

The public have also been asked to e-mail Lloyds Bank directly on to tell them why the bank is needed in the village.