IF imaginative young scientist Alex Jones has his way, you might spot a few new flavours on sale in ice cream trucks next summer.

The seven-year-old, who was inspired by reading Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has big plans to invent hot ice cream and ice cream to make you strong.

And when he grows up he also hopes to make a ‘disappearing’ flavour, which will help dieters melt off the weight off with every scoop.

The Locking Stumps Primary School pupil shared his plans as part of his application for the job of chief imagination officer at Naturelly, creators of a fruit snack for children.

Alex’s chemistry-inspired video was so popular with staff that he has been shortlisted along with two other children for the role.

Mum Suzie Whiting said: “When we saw an advert for the job it sounded just like Alex’s thing, he’s got such a good imagination.

“It’s really nice that so many people have voted for him because I thought it would just be my friends and family.

“He came up with the ideas for the video. His brother Robin wants to be an ice cream man so Alex is planning to invent ice creams for him to sell in his van.”

People have been invited to vote online to choose who wins a spot on the Naturelly junior board of directors.

The job will include hours of hard work taste testing treats, creating new flavours and making sure the company is run in a ‘playful and imaginative’ way.

The successful applicant would report to the junior chair and the chief taste tester with their recommendations and get free jelly juice for a year.

Suzie, who works for the environment agency, added: “We have a chemistry set at home and Alex loves science. He’d really enjoy the role.

“He’s very outdoorsy, he loves nature and looking at flowers and wildlife.

“We like to do a bit of cooking together and the ice cream theme came up because he wanted to help his little brother.”

Five-year-old Robin helped Alex create his video, which also includes designs for his own science lab with a hovering workbench and plans to study animals like dolphins.

To vote for Alex and watch the video visit facebook.com/naturellyfamily/videos before Friday at 6pm.