YOU'RE back in work after the Easter bank holiday, you've got to suffer 50 days of electioneering and just when you think things can't get any worse this week, we find out they're closing the Marks and Spencer in the Golden Square. 

*Inserts multiple crying face emojis*. 

Yes, we're sorry to say it's true. 

Because Marks and Spencer is not just a shop where you buy presents for your mum, it's a place we head to for all the reasons below:

Think we have missed anything?

Or perhaps you couldn't care less? Let us know in the comments section below.

1. The dine in for two deals

Forgotten to book a table for Valentine's Day? The M&S 'Dine in for two' deal was always there to save the day.

Just don't leave it too late as you'll get stuck with the cauliflower sides nobody else wants. 

2. The bras

Where are women of Warrington going to go now to stock up their underwear drawer?

3. Percy Pigs

You know you'll be popular in the office when you return from your dinner hour with a bag of these in your hand

4. Because your mum loves it

So you know you'll always be on to a winner if you head to M&S for birthdays and Mother's Day presents

5. The cafe

There will be an M&S toastie-shaped hole in our dinner hours from now on 

6. The posh barbeque food

Guests know you've really pushed the boat on when you line your grill with sticky chicken yakitori kebabs accompanied with an orzo pasta and roasted tomato salad.

They even call the hot dogs 'posh dogs!'

7. The Christmas sandwiches

We know it's early to be thinking like this but where are we going to get our turkey feast butties, turkey, bacon and cranberry sausage rolls or just a box of pigs in blankets as a snack!? 

Let's hope eight months is enough time for other Warrington lunchtime stops to step up their game. 

8. And while we're on the subject of sarnies...

Did you know prawn mayonnaise is M&S’s best seller? According to reports, 124,000 prawn sandwiches are sold per week nationally followed by smoked ham & mustard mayonnaise which sells 115,000 per week.