The WESTBROOK-based laboratory used to carry out DNA testing for the Jeremy Kyle show is looking to develop a in-house testing to find out the paternity of baby before they are born.

AlphaBiolabs – the largest independent DNA testing laboratory of its kind in Europe – will be the first laboratory outside of the US to offer this non-invasive service.

The test works by analysing the baby’s DNA which is present within the mother’s blood from eight weeks onwards, therefore identifying the child’s father before it has even been born. 

David Thomas, AlphaBiolabs, said: “We understand the level of anxiety people can feel when sending their sample abroad, particularly when there is no assurance of actually receiving an accurate result in return.

"Unfortunately, we do occasionally come across specific cases where the accuracy of the result analysed by overseas laboratories has been in question, which is simply not acceptable.

"Because we are an accredited laboratory unlike some of the US labs which carry out analysis for this type of DNA prenatal test, we would ensure that the process was transparent, easy to understand and affordable.  

"In addition, if we were to provide analysis within the UK, we would insist upon our own standard DNA testing accuracy level of 100 percent."