FEARNHEAD residents have expressed concerns over an abandoned house that is attracting rats and squatters and has been described as an ‘eyesore’.

A house on Fearnhead Lane that has been lying derelict for two years has caused concerns for neighbours as the property’s overgrown garden is attracting rats.

The property has been subject to a number of break-ins recently having become a magnet for squatters and vandals.

Grahame Stanley, who lives next door to the house in question, has called Fearnhead Lane home for 26 years – he described the abandoned house as a ‘problem property’.

He added: “It’s such an eyesore in the area.

“The property is in an absolute state and it’s been causing a lot of issues – the garden is overgrown, it is attracting rats and people are breaking in and squatting there.

“It’s a problem property and it needs to get sorted out once and for all.”

Mr Stanley believes the property owners are renting a house elsewhere as the property is in such a poor state of repair.

The resident rats are believed to be living in the piping of a disused toilet in the house’s garden.

He added: “The two people who own the property abandoned it two years ago and they never come back to do any work on it.”

“The neighbours are worried about the house as well and the lady the other side has got young grandchildren.

“It just seems to be going on and on and nothing seems to be done about it – it’s an absolute disgrace.”