GIVE-WAY markings at a junction off Winwick Road will be repainted 'as soon as possible' after safety concerns were raised by a motorist.

At the start of the month the council confirmed it would be investigating road markings and traffic light sequences at Hawleys Lane when the matter was highlighted by Darren Forster, who said he narrowly avoided a collision due to the confusion.

But the authority said it will be taking action to ensure the area is as safe as possible for those passing.

A spokesman added: "The give-ways at the junction are in place to minimise queues and delays to motorists and are used on all four approaches to the junction.

"The double-dotted line is the primary indication of a give-way with triangles and signs only supporting this if it is required.

"This has worked successfully for more than four years with no reported incidents or accidents caused by the give-way markings.

"The give-way markings on the left turn from Hawleys Lane have become slightly faded due to flooding.

"These markings will be repainted by the highways team as soon as possible."