GREEN Party chiefs are calling on the council to use its 'influence' to 'secure a transformation in the uptake of bus usage' in Warrington after the town was shamed for breaching air pollution safety levels.

Members also want to see 'better information' publicised to ensure air quality meets national health standards.

It comes after the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed the town was one of 40 places in Britain and Ireland that breached WHO's safety levels of PM2.5, which includes particles of smoke, dirt and dust found in the air.

The council said it 'remains determined' to tackle air pollution – but Warrington and Halton Green Party leader Steph Davies said the situation must be acted upon as a matter of urgency.

She added: "The fact is there are some straightforward ways to tackle a problem that is threatening the health of children and adults alike.

"We want to see regularly updated online information about air quality so that people can see when and where pollution problems spike.

"The council could also be using its influence as owner of Network Warrington to secure a transformation in the uptake of bus usage within Warrington and thus reduce the number of vehicles on Warrington's roads.

"This will include introducing orbital routes, more services to outlying areas, extending half price fares from 15 to 18 year olds and generally reduced fares.

"We also want to see diesel hybrid buses to the fleet, similar to those at Manchester Airport, to further reduce pollution."

"Nobody is benefiting from the current situation with traffic gridlocked and people's health suffering as a consequence.

"Campaigns which better encourage drivers to drive smoothly with gentle braking and acceleration can also have an impact, while also saving motorists fuel.

"Warrington could, and should, be a leader on these types of initiatives."