MEMBERS of DW Fitness have been on selfie alert after part of the gym was set aside purely to flex and pose for pictures.

The town centre gym brought in a 'selfie station' as part of a six-week campaign giving gym-goers the chance to snap up a free tub of protein powder.

After striking the perfect pose in front of the installed mirror framing, members submitted their shots to DW's Twitter page to be thrown into the hat for the prize all muscle enthusiasts dream of.

Despite the slow start, club manager Shaun Thomas admits the campaign started to take the facility by storm.

"People were a bit hesitant at first but then more and more started to get in front of the mirror, in particular groups of guys, and started taking the selfies," he said.

"After that it just got more and more popular and really caused a great buzz around the gym.

"Selfies are part of the culture now and it is something which a lot of people enjoy doing today."

However, Shaun was determined to ensure those not taking to the mirror with their phones were not affected if they did not want to get involved.

"We put it out of the way so even though you could see it in the gym it was to the side," he said.

He believes the majority of members enjoyed the introduction of the station and hinted there may be a similar feature brought in again.

"Some people are in the gym for vanity and like to look in the mirror," he added.

"And people also like looking in the mirror to check their form when training.

"But we know people come to the gym to feel better and let off stress.

"The station left in the past week but it could possibly be here again, we will have to see."

The winner of the selfie competition will be announced in the coming weeks.