THIS week in Yester Years we bring you a picture of town centre living as it once was.

David Horrigan, aged 68, from Orford, runs the Warrington Memories Facebook group.

“The Sankey Street picture evokes dreams of a golden age, when nobody rushed to get here,” he said.

“The pedestrians walk in the street but not because it is closed to traffic as there isn’t any traffic.”


100 years ago: A 25 year old soldier from Warrington has died while training on the east coast. Bombardier H Hardman suffered from fatal injuries from a fluke accident. He leaft behind his wife and two children.

50 years ago: Thieves stole more than £400 after conducting a series of night raids around Warrington. The first daring raid, on PLP Motors on Liverpool Rd, saw the company’s safe being taken and blasted open on a railway. The gang escaped and stole £300. Raiders also stole £60 from William Cooper and Sons LTD and attempted to steal from William Booth + Co, but left with nothing.

25 years ago: Abortion rates for 16 to 18-year-olds in Warrington went up by six per cent above the national average. However schoolgirl abortions fell by one third.