STANDING at 27 inches high, it was no surprise that a special guest at Lymm Historic Transport Day caused a frenzy last weekend.

Norman Williams' Meccano model of Warrington Transporter Bridge was one of the stars of the show at the event.

The 78-year-old insists the three-year project to assemble the parts, including 1400 bolts and nuts, has been worth every minute following the recognition it has received.

"It was just great to be there and see everybody coming and having a look at it," he said.

Despite being presented to those in attendance, there was initially concern of how the model would be transported to Lymm.

But with the help of Friends of Warrington Transporter Bridge (FoWTB) and organisers Norman's prize possession made its way from his home in Woolston to Lymm to be put on display.

Appleton resident Margaret Ingham set up Facebook page Save Warrington Transporter Bridge in 2013 to save the site.

"It was a struggle to get it there as it required a transit van being over six feet long but it was well worth it for the wow factor," she said.

"We were grateful to the organisers for the chance to exhibit the model and were delighted that around 50 people signed up to become friends on the day and more have continued to join since.

"Warrington people were very interested to hear about this world famous bridge that is little known on its own doorstep and were telling us it must be saved.

"FoWTB really want to hear from more people who worked on the bridge or can explain in more detail how it operated."

Despite completing the bridge model in May, Norman is already looking to construct a model of a block setting crane.

"I am looking forward to building this and we will just have to see how it goes," he added.

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