POLICE have praised a Good Samaritan from Lower Walton who handed in diamond bracelet valued at £20,000 yesterday, Wednesday.

The jaw-dropping piece of jewellery, which had already been reported as missing, was discovered by a man, who has not been named, in a car park in Wilmslow.

He kept the valuable 18 carat diamond bracelet safe while he returned home, where he later handed it in to Stockton Heath Police Station.

The owner of the missing jewels has since been informed and is understandably breathing a sigh of relief that she will be reunited with the precious item.

Police community support officer Steve Parr said he was surprised by the value of the bracelet as it was originally presumed it was a piece of costume jewellery.

He added: "We would like to thank the man for going out of his way to bring the bracelet in."