A £126 million vision would revolutionise the daily commuter journey, unlock swathes of development land and create new homes and jobs.

Now all council bosses have to do is convince Government that it is an investment worth making here in the town.

The Warrington Guardian got the chance to see plans for a new high level crossing of the Manchester Ship Canal which would also bypass the bustling Bridge Foot.

The crossing, along with the new bridge linking from Chester Road to the south of the Centre Park development which has already has funding earmarked, could transform the Warrington waterfront scheme which has long been an ambition of the council.

Council leader Clr Terry O'Neill said: "We have been looking at this type of scheme for three years. It's only this year that I can see it developed but we need Government help.

"Delivering some of the schemes means we have to go the extra mile."

And with potential works to link up and improve the bridge over Slutchers Lane also on the horizon it will offer an alternative access north of the business estate without having to negotiate Brian Bevan Island and Bridge Foot at all.

But perhaps most importantly of all would be the new bridge crossing from the south linking to Sankey Way.

Because it would not merely act as a bypass from the town centre but also unlock what the council sees as prime development land in Arpley Meadows.

But the scheme does not come cheap at £70 million.

Director of regeneration at Warrington Borough Council Andy Farrell said: "The only way to solve congestion is a fixed bridge from Chester Road to Sankey Way through development area at Arpley Meadows.

"It will bring out the development sites and take traffic out of the town centre.

"Not only does this system tackle congestion in the town it creates 1,500 new jobs and 1,000 new homes. The output is significant.

"There is a new bridge we have funding for from Chester Road to Centre Park which we have funding for and should start in 2016.

The plans are being backed by Warrington South Labour parliamentary candidate Nick Bent.

He said: "I want to make sure whoever is in Government we can continue with this positive momentum so we can get what the town needs and deserves.

"I think it's a big scheme for the town and I admire the ambition Terry and the council have got for the future of the town.

"We should think big in Warrington.

"It ticks a number of important boxes, not just reducing congestion but more homes and jobs too.

"There is a massive need for homes in the town and it will be a big boost in the economy. Property is still too high and we want those young people coming through our good schools and colleges to have opportunities in our town."