THE owners of land at Peel Hall are taking legal action against the council in a bid to alter the town's planning strategy.

But the council has said it is confident that it will be able to fight Satnam's attempts to change the plan.

The plan, which was adopted in July, was established to manage development in Warrington until 2027 and was assessed by an independent inspector.

A council spokesman said: “The council has received notice that a landowner has applied to the High Court to reverse its decision to adopt the housing aspects of Warrington’s Local Plan Core Strategy.

“The council is confident that it will be successful in defending the plan against this legal action.”

Warrington North MP Helen Jones described Satnam's decision to take legal action as 'disappointing'.

She said: “The community around Peel Hall has made its view clear.

“The council has shown it has enough land for housing elsewhere and instead of using public money defending another legal challenge, Satnam should accept the verdict of the independent inspector.”

Clr Geoff Settle (Poulton North - LAB) added that he was not surprised by Satnam's attempts to appeal.

He added: "Satnam have a large investment in land around Houghton Green and will trying to unlock access to it one way or another.

"They will obviously be sore about the inspector's decision which found that the council’s local plan to be sound and therefore offers a high level of protection."