LOCKING yourself out of your car is a mistake many of us had made - but what if a three month old baby was in the vehicle?

That was a nightmare situation faced by Woolston great grandma Joan Deane, of Greymist Avenue.

She had been shopping with Lewis, who was sat happily in the back of her new Renault.

After placing her car keys on the parcel shelf while she put shopping in the boot, Joan walked round to the driver’s seat to find the car was locked.

She said: “I must have touched something on the car, as I heard it click.

“I didn’t know who to contact as there was no one else around and I only had one key.

“I was worried the baby would get too warm, so I rang the police.”

Holly Jones, Lewis’s mum, was also called by pensioner Joan during the incident on Thursday afternoon.

“I was taking my daughter swimming and I rang nan to say, can you come and get us,” said Holly, of Bibby Avenue, Bruche.

“We were playing for ages, so I rang her again and she said we have got a situation.

“When I got there I was like, oh my God is he ok, but he was just laughing.”

PC Lee Ferris, of Warrington East NPU, came to the rescue 10 minutes later after receiving a 999 call.

He said: “I got a call to say a baby was trapped inside a vehicle.

“There were several family members around the vehicle and the passenger window was open slightly.

“One of the people had a coat hanger and a piece of cane.

“I strapped them together and managed to snag the keys.

“We managed to get the baby out with no problems - it was a freak accident.”

The neighbourhood officer added Lewis was never at risk.

Joan added: “They came and the officer was really good.

“I was relieved when they got Lewis out.

Holly added: “Lewis wasn’t in any harm, and he had no clue what was going on, but I was relieved when the police officer got him out.

“I’d really like to say thank you to the police for their help, and my nan is going to take them a card to give to the officer.”