WARRINGTON Wolves have announced they are cutting the price of junior season tickets for the 2015 season.

And in another boost, adults will see their season ticket cost frozen - despite the prospect of two extra games.

Chief executive Andy Gatcliffe said with the arrival of rising star Daryl Clark and Fiji powerhouse Ashton Sims, it is one of the most exciting announcements at The Halliwell Jones.

He added: ““Warrington Wolves really value our fans so much and we would be nothing without them.

“Everything we do we gear towards them.

“We have taken so many leads in Super League and this is another one.

“Where else could kids get in every week for an average of just over £1?”

“People are struggling financially and we are making this year’s tickets as affordable as they can be.

“The leisure pound is hard to get and we are in that market and we want to be able to help our fans as much as possible at this current time.”

Junior tickets will start at £49 in the South Stand, down from £65, while they remain £206 for adults.

And Mr Gatcliffe says the new Super League structure, which sees the league cut to 12 teams and then eight half way through the season, means every game matters.

It also means home fans will get one extra game, and two if Warrington are in the top four at the mid season point.

He added: “From next year, every game will matter.

“Have we had some games this year which have been uneven? Of course we have.

“And maybe there has been too much of that.

“But we are bringing it down from 14 to 12, bringing back promotion and relegation which the fans want.”

“The new system is quite easy to follow and you can see what happens."

Club owner Simon Moran said: “The season-ticket figures have dropped this year. We want to offer great value for money and we believe it is.

“The deal for the kids’ tickets goes back to prices of eight to nine years ago.

“And in real terms the adult prices go back a few years.“ Tickets are on sale today, Thursday, at early bird prices until November.