A PUB landlord has lost his battle to stay at a popular pub in Orford after he was evicted by Brewery bosses.
Mark Moran was in charge of the Blackburne Arms, Orford Green, for 18 months as leaseholder.
As revealed in the Warrington Guardian, it is owned by Enterprise Inns, which has issued eviction proceedings to leave by September 8.
Mr Moran, aged 40, and his family have now left the pub. It is currently closed.
A charity day supposed to take place there on Saturday was moved over the dispute.
Mr Moran said: “We sunk £120,000 into the business to turn the pub around from what once was a troubled public house, to the family orientated pub it was when I first walked in as a customer 31 years ago.
“It has taken us all our investment, our time and effort but in the last two months we believe we have reached our goal of turning the place into what it once was.
“I feel devastated this pub company is allowed to do what they want, and play with people’s lives.
“They have always said we did not make enough money, but it was me who was losing money, not them.”
A spokesman for Enterprise Inns said: “We have been left with no option but to seek possession of the Blackburne Arms and the eviction of Mr Moran via the court.
“This follows a long period of discussions and independent business advice relating to the running of the pub as a long term sustainable business.
“With regards to the charity event which was to take place last Saturday, we made provisions for the designated premises supervisor to be present at the Blackburne Arms so that the event could take place.
“However, when this was confirmed, the representative from the charity informed us that they had selected an alternative venue.”
A petition and Facebook campaign had been started by regulars at the pub, which Mr Moran said made its first profit of £600 in June.
However, eviction proceedings were issued on July 4, with the junior football coach saying he was given four days to leave.
Although eviction was initially resisted, Mr Moran has now admitted defeat, but he intends to make a legal claim for losses.
“I’m out of work and bankrupt,” he added.