A DISTRAUGHT daughter who had gone to lay flowers on her mum’s grave was disgusted to find a mound of earth on top.

Liesl Dowling had stopped by at her mum Norma Fenton’s grave at Newchurch in Culcheth on Thursday to find soil which had been dug up to make way for a new grave piled on top.

The 46-year-old had gone to lay flowers on what would have been her mum’s 68th birthday.

Mrs Dowling, of Harcourt Close, Birchwood, said: “It was hard not to spot it when I arrived at the church as its about 4ft high.

“There was just one lady there going to visit a grave, I said to her what do you think? I think it’s disgusting.

“I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have just thrown it to the back of the graves, there was plenty of space.

“It was just so strange for them to do that.

“The other two neighbouring graves were even worse.

“It just seemed like it was thrown over in a hurry. It happened on my mum’s birthday and that hit me even harder.

“When you lose someone it’s something that is always with you.”

Newchurch played a big part in her mum’s life.

“I always used to go to the church with my mum for special occasions like Easter and Midnight Mass,” Mrs Dowling added.

“My mum grew up in Culcheth and she was married at the same church.”

After contacting the church she was left waiting for days for an explanation as to how it had happened.