TWO Sisters are doing IT for themselves after confronting their fears of computers head on.

Self-confessed technophobes Chrissie Byrne and Dot Rattigan, both from Padgate, were filled with dread at the very thought of a computer, let alone learning to use one.

But now the sisters have faced their fears after taking IT classes at the Warrington Disability Partnership’s Marjorie Griffiths Learning Centre on Beaufort Street.

Dot, who completed a course in Computers for the Terrified and Everyday IT, took the decision to overcome her technology fright after she was made redundant in October.

The 62-year-old said: “I never had any cause to use a computer. I thought that if I just touched a computer I’d break it, but I knew that in order to improve my chances of finding work I would need to learn some IT skills.”

Her sister Chrissie agreed to attend the classes with Dot as a form of moral support.

The 66-year-old said: “I wanted to be there for Dot – that was the important thing.

“But I was also going through a difficult time because my husband had recently passed away. I was looking for an emotional crutch of my own.

“We’ve been each other’s rock and I am so pleased we attended these courses.”

The decision proved ‘life-changing’ for them both and has given the sisters a new lease of life, who are now looking forward to taking a Functional IT course at the centre.

Dot, who has since taken up retirement, added: “I discovered spell-check. I also learnt how to set up an email account - as did Chrissie.

“We now enjoy emailing each other. I remember being terrified the first day, but we both met so many lovely people that it really helped to put us at ease. “ Chrissie’s new skills have also helped her to complete her charity work with the Birchwood Lions.

She said: “I’ve been asked in the past to use computers to help them with certain projects. I always had to politely decline. I found this frustrating so thanks to the courses I have been able to help the Lions out much more.

‘I also have two granddaughters and I am confident and proficient enough with a computer to support them whilst they’re learning the basics.”

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