THE Mayor of Warrington Clr Ted Finnegan will be hitting the road in a new car from tomorrow.

He has downsized to an Audi A6 after agreeing a new lease car from Warrington Audi to save the council money and reduce fuel use and lower emissions.

And it will be used on its first engagement tomorow, Thursday at the Senior Bowls Association team challenge at Victoria Park.

Clr Finnegan said: “This is a win, win all round for Warrington residents and businesses thanks to the great deal negotiated with Warrington Audi. I would like to thank everyone involved.”

Council leader Clr Terry O’Neill added: “It’s important that our first citizen has a quality car to provide transportation for the many occasions attended over the mayoral year.

"We have downsized the mayor’s car, and are pleased that we could get such a good deal from a Warrington supplier.”