TRAVELLERS have now left Mary Ann Meadows under police supervision although residents say piles of rubbish have been left behind.

A line of caravans left the playing field off Westbrook Way at around 8pm on Monday.

Complaints have been made over rubbish left on the football pitches, including a washing machine.

Warrington West NPU said the travellers have now left Warrington.

Police attended to ensure there were no problems with people going to use the football pitches.

The travellers had been using goalposts as a washing line.

They were one of three different groups to have settled in the town over the last few weeks.

Officers say there were no problems, and the caravans departed peacefully.

A council spokesman said: “The council has been working with Cheshire Police and was in the process of getting an eviction order but the group have now left the site.

"We are arranging for the site to be cleaned up and secured.”