A 64-YEAR-OLD ‘drink driver’ who crashed into parked cars decided to drive as she needed to buy medication for indigestion, a court heard.

June Flanagan, of New Lane End, Croft, was banned from driving at Halton Magistrates Court on Monday after she refused a breath test following the crash.

It happened at 6.20pm on July 30, on Sandy Lane, when the Nissan car Flanagan was driving ‘erratically’, hit parked vehicles.

The court heard she was abusive to police who arrived at the scene, and ‘appeared drunk’.

The defendant was taken to Warrington Hospital to be treated for minor injuries where she was also described as being abusive to staff.

Further urine and blood tests were also refused.

Flanagan, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen for analysis.

The court heard she suffers from ‘long standing health problems’ following her daughter’s sudden death 10 years ago.

It was said she got in the car to go on a ‘two minute drive’ to a pharmacy to buy Gaviscon for ‘chronic digestion’ problems.

She claimed to have no money for a taxi, and told police she had ‘little recollection’ of the incident.

The court heard drink driving was ‘totally out of character’ for the defendant, who is also going through a divorce.

District Judge Bridget Knight banned Flanagan from driving for two years.

Mrs Knight added that given the defendant’s health issues she was ‘concerned’ about her ability to drive safely, and said the matter will be referred to the secretary of state.

Flanagan was also fined and told to pay costs of £393.