A FORMER Priestley College student said he was ‘astounded’ to achieve his first class honour degree - despite battling a brain tumour.

Kane Wright, who attended Birchwood High School pupil, will graduate at Worcester Cathedral in November after completing a degree in creative digital media at the University of Worcester.

The 22-year-old said: “I had suffered - and continue to suffer - almost daily migraine attacks, fatigue and confusion.

“Doctors initially put it down to stress, but I pressed on with an ice pack to my head, lots of tablets and the curtains drawn knowing that I had to complete the course as best as I could manage.

“Not long after leaving university, my condition worsened and it was discovered that I have a brain tumour, and that was the cause for all the numerous difficulties I was facing.

“To learn that, despite the ordeal, I still came out with a first completely astounded me. Needless to say, I would feel fantastic if I could.”

Despite having a long road to recovery ahead of him, Kane, who hopes to right a book and work in the film industry, is determined to pursue his dream career.

“All of the difficulties don't stop my aspirations. I know that through perseverance and looking forward to the potential of the future I can stay strong and chip away at it until it comes true,” he said.