A DRUG addict who sneaked into a family home to steal a £2,000 laptop was collared by the ‘terrified’ dad-of-two who lives there.

Kevin Bamford, aged 28, entered the house on Grasmere Avenue, Orford, at 5pm while resident Mr Cross was working on a car in the back garden.

Warrington Crown Court heard on Friday how Mr Cross was ‘terrified’ by the intrusion, after finding a drunk Bamford in his home, fearing he may have a weapon.

In a victim impact statement read out in court, he said: “My legs and feet were shaking with fear.

“I was terrified for myself and my family, and genuinely believed harm could come to my family.”

The court heard Mr Cross’s wife and two young children returned to the house while he grappled with Bamford, of Sandy Lane.

When police arrived, the defendant was ‘slumped’ on the pavement, and found to have woollen gloves and a black hat in his possession.

But Bamford then tried to claim he had been walking by the address when Mr Cross approached and hit him with the laptop.

Philip Clemo, prosecuting, said the victim was left ‘feeling physically sick’ after the incident.

The defendant has 26 previous convictions for 62 offences, including a 22 month prison sentence for burglary in 2012.

Defending, Michael Davies said Bamford claimed not to have gone out that day with the intention to steal.

The defendant claimed he was wearing the gloves and hat as he was cycling, and ‘it was not a warm day’, and only went into the property as the door was open.

Mr Davies added Bamford, wearing a grey t-shirt in court, has been having drug treatment since being remanded in prison.

Recorder Mukhtar Hussain QC jailed Bamford for 12 months, after he pleaded guilty to burglary.

Praising the ‘bravery’ of Mr Cross, the judge added: “The householder acted rather bravely. He was aware you may have had a weapon.

“You had the audacity of accusing the householder of coming out and hitting you with the laptop, when you had taken the laptop, and broken it.”