WARRINGTON’S Liberal Democrats have reiterated their call for tolls to remove on the Mersey Bridges.

The party says the decision to make travelling across the new Mersey Gateway bridge between Runcorn and Widnes and the existing crossing free for Halton residents will be bad for Warrington.

Highways spokesman Clr Brian Axcell (LD - Appleton) said: "This announcement was good news for the residents of Runcorn and Widnes but makes matters much worse for Warrington residents and the Warrington economy.

“If the bridges will still need to generate the same income, and no extra money is found, the higher tolls for users who don't live in Halton will inevitably divert ever more of them through Warrington to avoid the charge.

“At a council meeting earlier this year, there was all-party support for our motion calling on the Government to remove tolls completely.

“The Government removed tolls on the A14 between Cambridge and Huntington after pressure from local people.

“We need the same thing to happen here."

Lib Dem group leader Clr Ian Marks (Lymm) added, "Local businesses have said that congestion is the main impediment to doing business in Warrington.

“Higher tolls on the bridges will create more congestion in the town and dampen down our economy with a negative impact on jobs.

“The Government is rightly keen to rebalance the economy and break down the north / south divide. Removing tolls would show the north it means what it says."

Labour’s Nick Bent has also called for the tolls to be scrapped.

While on a visit to Warrington last month, Prime Minister David Cameron said he would ‘listen carefully to people’s concerns’ over the tolls.