A CONSERVATIVE parliamentary spokesman for Warrington north has accused GPs of ‘unknowingly’ adding to the pressure on A&E.

Paul Campbell said he was recently contacted by a resident who was told by his GP surgery to go to A&E after a cotton bud had become lodged in his inner ear - a hospital nurse then took approximately 10 seconds to remove it.

He added: “Residents regularly contact me to complain of long delays in trying to get an appointment with their local GP and instead go to A&E to be seen quickly.

“Such instances as these are putting undue and unnecessary pressures on our local NHS A&E departments.

“I know that Warrington Hospital has invested a lot of money and effort in A&E ensuring patients get the quality of service they need. “However, some of our GPs are unknowingly adding to these pressures when instances arise like the case mentioned above.”