HE is the courageous tot who has touched the lives of many in the town with his unbelievable bravery and fighting spirit.

But, with his second birthday just around the corner, Parker Royle will have more reasons than most other children his age to celebrate.

The 23-month-old youngster from Great Sankey was given the news that Parker’s parents, Alexandria Mckenzie and Stephen Royle, had been desperately hoping for - he was in remission.

“This is something we have wanted to hear for so long,” said Alexandria, who has never left his side throughout his battle to beat cancer.

Parker was diagnosed with a rare type of prostate cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma in September and has spent the last year undergoing treatment.

Although the news was welcomed with open arms by his family, the fight is far from over with Parker still spending day after day in hospital.

“He's had constant infections for two months and they haven't been able to get to the bottom of it. It's still extremely serious for an infection to scale and react badly with his kidneys due to their weakness. It could even be fatal if left unattended,” said the 30-year-old.

The past year has been every parents’ worst nightmare but Alexandria and Stephen have never relented in their attempts to make life as comfortable as possible for Parker - always going that extra mile.

Pushing her phobia of blood to one side, Alexandria went on a number of medical training courses to make sure she could give Parker the care that he needed and has always been there to make him giggle or guarding his toy planes - his most treasured possessions.

Stephen would distract Parker with music and teaching the tot his finest dance moves - often leaving him in fits of laughter and becoming a dancing hit with the other children on the ward.

“When you have a job to do, you just do it. Ours was to beat cancer. I had to become deaf to my child's screams in order to do a job so horrendous but you know it's to save his life,” she said

Alexandria and Stephen still hope to be able to take Parker on his dream holiday to Disney Land in the near future but plans have had to be put on hold due to his unpredictable health.

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