IF you walk down a road in Gorse Covert, you'll find a friendly soldier who has made a new home there.

Wearing an Army uniform, he looks the part, but this veteran has been made from milk cartons.

'Tommy' is a model created by Irene Muirhead, aged 60, of Killingworth Lane, as her way of paying tribute to the millions that died in the First World War.

Irene said: “I take pride in where I live and I'll do anything to make people smile.

“I don't have any relations that were in the First World War, but there are certain things I'm passionate about.

“I've made stuff before and sat it by the front door, and it always gets a good reaction.”

Tommy was made after Irene bought second hand clothes online, and collected lots of plastic milk cartons.

The retired chef has previously made the model of an athlete during the London 2012 Olympics.

“All those people that lost their loves, I thought I'd make this soldier for them,” she added.