A NEW mum from Rixton, has taken her quest to track down a mystery good Samaritan far after she was left stranded in a nine-hour motorway jam with just one bottle of formula milk.

Shelley Ruck, aged 33, got caught up in a 30-mile tailback in soaring temperatures on the M6 in Lancaster after a cement truck crashed into an HGV last month.

But kind strangers came to Shelley’s aid in her hour of need to get her the essential supplies she needed for eight-month-old George.

And since then Shelley, of Brook Lane, has hit the national headlines as she tries to track down her helpers.

She said: “Me, my mum Denise and George had been to see my friend in Penrith, it only takes one hour 45 minutes. Little did we know it would take 11 hours to get back.

“We got on the motorway just after three. I said if we go now we will beat the traffic.

“We had just done a couple of miles and got stuck in Lancaster.

“On a nearby motorway bridge there were people lowering jerry cans with water down and telling people to fill up water bottles and they lowered down biscuits too.

“We always have extra milk just in case but when we realised we were in for the long haul realised we needed more.”

So she went and asked if they could help her out.

“They said the shop was 20 minutes away but they went anyway,” Shelley added. “They had bought formula, bottles which they had sterlised in the shop with warm water and a bottle of mineral water.”

She believes they must have spent £20 for all the items they got her.

“The guy scrambled down the embankment he said go now and sort your baby out. I tried to give him money but he said he didn’t want my money.

“I shouted thank you but never got to thank him properly.”

A spokesperson for the Highways Agency said: “It’s not unusual in these circumstances for the diesel and oil to damage the top layer of the carriageway and that makes it unsafe for drivers to carry on driving.

“We would like to thank drivers for their patience in what was a very long and protracted incident. We worked hard to inform people from 3pm onwards.”