A FEARNHEAD mum has helped bring a photo exhbition helping families deal with the loss of a baby to Warrington.

The Faces of Baby Loss exhibition, put together by charity Life After Loss, has been providing reassurance to families in Northern Ireland after suffering a stillbirth or miscarriage.

Gemma Antell, who had a miscarriage at 12 weeks in 2004, said she felt it was important the 20 portraits of mums and dads affected by the loss of a precious baby were displayed in the UK along with details of information and support for parents in Warrington.

She added: “When something like that happens, you get statistics thrown at you like 17 babies die a day of stillbirth.

“But they’re just numbers when your entire world is falling apart.

“Looking at the faces of people who have been through the same thing and reading their stories has a much bigger impact and it’s comforting to know you’re not on your own.”

The Faces of Baby Loss exhibition will be at the Pyramid throughout August.