RESIDENTS close to a crack house shut down in Padgate have spoken of living next to ‘neighbours from hell’.

The terraced property in Unsworth Court was closed by Cheshire Police after it was used as a den for dealing, and taking, crack cocaine and heroin.

One man, who has lived on the road for seven years but did not wish to be named, said youths in hoodies could be seen going in and out of the house on a daily basis.

He said syringes were found on a children’s play area close by, where yobs would also sit drinking booze and appeared to be selling drugs.

Other neighbours reported feeling ‘intimated and threatened’, and said fights had happened in the street.

“There was a fire in the wheelie bin and children couldn’t play outside,” said the male resident.

“People would be going into the house at all hours, and my car was broken into.

“There was drug dealing, and that still goes on in the back alleyway.

“I saw the woman who lived there carrying around bottles of wine.

“We need CCTV around here.”

A female resident of 16 years, who lives opposite the crack house, said: “When police came to board it up, I was standing outside and saw drugs get thrown out of the window.

“There were gangs going there, that were very intimidating, and they’d say things like ‘what are you looking at’.”

As revealed in the Warrington Guardian, a closure order for the drugs den was approved at Chester Magistrates Court last week.

Tenant Lorraine McTaggart, aged 28, has been evicted, but her whereabouts are not known.

Affinity Sutton, which owns the address, submitted evidence to the court that residents claimed to have seen Ms McTaggart having sex with ‘multiple partners’ while children played outside.

‘At least’ five men arrived at the house through one day in August last year, it was claimed, while on June 28, it was alleged Ms McTaggart was seen having a threesome after pushing the bed next to a bedroom window and opening it.