FORMER Big Brother contestant Lisa Appleton was keen to hear what her future had in store after a torrid two years.

And fortunately celebrity psychic Sandra Amos was on hand to get to the bottom of it.

Psychic Sam, who is also one of the world’s only rumpologists, said she called the former Lymm High pupil out of the blue after sensing she was in a ‘dark place’.

The 46-year-old mum has seen her career on the decline since a conman fooled her and husband Mario in 2012.

The pair thought they were on the brink of a six-part fly-on-the-wall series, and were about to film the video for charity single I Got You Babe in Lapland, before the convicted conman disappeared leading to their marriage breaking down.

She added: “I have struggled for a good couple of years and been through a lot.

“The conman destroyed my life and I've been rebuilding it ever since and praying for a change.

“I never made much money from TV but it was exciting and I enjoyed it but then it was difficult to find other work because people know me from the TV.

“It doesn’t happen every day when a psychic gets in touch so it’s got to be something important.”

After splitting with Mario and turning to food banks for help, Lisa was ready for some good news and got just that during a card reading.

Lisa’s reading:

Psychic Sam, who can also read Christmas pudding crumbs, said the last seven years had been a ‘disaster’ for Lisa but she did not see her living in her current house off Winwick Road by November or December.

She also predicted Lisa would be travelling to America in April next year, Celebrity Big Brother would want her again, she was going to be asked to be in a West End show in London and could see her in a sparkly dress in an advert.

Psychic Sam also told the mum to Sophia, aged 24, to get on with writing her book and could see her marrying a man in the media within four years.

Lisa, who will feature in new TV show Serial Swindlers later this year, said: “For a psychic to get in touch and say life is about to change is very exciting.

“It’s nice to know things are going to happen for me and the sooner the better!”

Psychic Sam, who is one of the world’s only rumpologists alongside Jackie Stallone, says she can pick up on things that have happened in the past and certain things in the future and said it started with a man who dropped his trousers at a party asking for his bum to be read and the predictions started coming through six weeks later. 

Only time will tell if Lisa’s predictions hit a bum note.