THE Minister for Universities, Science and Cities hailed the Omega site in Burtonwood as an ‘important investment’ in the town before concluding that the development is only going to go from strength to strength.

Greg Clark MP visited the site for the first time today, Monday, to view the major developments taking place and was impressed by what he had seen.

He said: “I saw the plans on paper. But when you see it it really is brought to life. It’s colossal.

“Warrington has been doing well recently in terms of jobs and it’s impressive to see there are more jobs coming. This is good for everyone in the town and in the area.

“Even people who have jobs already to have further choices of jobs in the future is what makes a town attractive and a good place to commit to. I think it’s incredibly exciting to see the level of activity going on here.”

But when quizzed on whether the site would still bring the quality jobs that were promised, Greg said the town is getting a fantastic deal.

He added: “In the distribution centres it is very high-tech these days. It’s not like in days gone by where the jobs were quite traditional in terms of skills.

“A lot of the work available here is about controlling the computer systems and the management of it.

"Even though it looks from the outside like a warehouse, it actually contains a lot of high-tech jobs. This is a fantastic deal for Warrington.”

Mr Clark was joined on the tour of the site by Warrington North MP Helen Jones, Warrington South MP David Mowat and executive director in economic growth, regeneration and environment at the council Andy Farrall.

Mrs Jones said: “I think it’s very important for Warrington to develop this site to get a variety of jobs where people can earn a decent wage and have a long-term future and for that we need to put the infrastructure in.

“I hope given the money that Warrington has already lost through cuts we have convinced him to put some more infrastructure money in from the growth fund.”

Mr Mowat added: "I've been working with the minister very closely with him over the last two years to get this money and I'm thrilled that the Government is investing in Warrington.

"4,300 jobs have been created in my constituency since May 2010, meaning more people with financial security, able to plan a future for their families.

"However, we can do better than that and, with this additional money, we will."