A CAMPAIGN to stop smoking in cars when there are youngsters under 18 present has been backed by Warrington Borough Council.

Chief executive of Tobacco Free Futures (TFF), Andrea Crossfield, who has led the campaign in the north west, said: “Smoky cars, packed full of tobacco chemicals, are deadly to children because they have smaller lungs, faster breathing and less developed immune systems.

“TFF welcomes the launch today, as this is great news for children and a step closer to their protection from second-hand smoke in cars.

“In the north west support for smokefree cars is strong as a YouGov survey shows 80 per cent of the public are in favour.

“We have been working hard with local authorities and national partners over five years to raise awareness of the dangers associated with smoky cars, creating a short viral video involving local celebrities, with over 5,000 views.” 

Executive board member for health and well being, Clr Pat Wright said: “Warrington is backing the campaign, because at the end of the day it’s about protecting children from the harmful effects of second hand smoke.

“And don’t forget there is plenty of help and advice available to help smokers quit."