DRAMATIC footage of the moment a man accused of running someone over attacked another car months before the death has been shown in court this morning.

Mark Slater, aged 47, from Oldham, is charged with the murder of Trevor Allen on Manchester Road on February 15 this year.

Chester Crown Court saw footage filmed by a dashboard camera on the Vauxhall Corsa of Jordan Ogden in Oldham on December 17.

It showed how Slater had been in the wrong lane when he tried to move across in front of Mr Ogden, who sped up to stop him moving in front of him.

Mr Ogden then told the court Slater tailgated him for some time and he decided to pull into a pub car park to try to get details of the firm he worked for.

He then pulled back into the road behind him and followed him along the road.

Another video showed Slater stopping in the road then running towards the Corsa, kicking the front, shouting, and trying to open the drivers door.

Mr Ogden moved in front and stopped, while another motorist - Craig Moody - pulled up and checked to see if he was okay.

Mr Ogden said Mr Moody told him the driver's name and which street he lived in but when questioned Mr Moody said he had never seen either man before.

Two more clips showed Slater again going towards Mr Ogden's car.

Mr Ogden added: "It was almost like watching a documentary on a predator hunting its prey."

The court also heard how Mr Ogden had charges of assault against Slater dropped after he went to his home that same day with his brother and a friends and there was an altercation with him.

And the court also heard from Michael McMahon who said Slater had tried to run his car off the road on January 25, 2013 at the Rainhill junction of the M62.

He stopped the Toyota Rav4 he was driving which had been damaged in the collision and Slater stopped behind him in his lorry.

Mr McMahon added: "I got out of my vehicle to ask for details, he produced a Stanley knife at the window saying 'if you come near me I'll kill you, I'll slit your throat'.

"He was red like a raging bull."

He added Slater called the police after he had been called in to say he was being threatened but was mouthing still to him he was going to kill him.

The court heard telephone calls from Slater he made to police at the time and one Mr McMahon made 15 minutes later.

Slater denies the murder of Mr Allen, from Swinton.

The trial continues.