COUNCILLORS have been questioning the cost of the 20 mph residential speed limit scheme.

At a full council meeting on Monday councillors questioned the cost of signs, particularly on cul-de-sac roads, to warn motorists of 20mph.

Clr Paul Kennedy (CON - Hatton, Stretton and Walton) asked: “Many residents have expressed concern, indeed some considerable anger, with the cost of the roll out of 20mph speed limits across the borough.

“Can the executive board member give reassurance to residents that the expenditure represents best use of taxpayers’ money, and does she also share my concern that the 20mph speed limit will fall in to disrepute and that the original 20mph roads, for example outside of schools, might actually become less safe.”

Clr Linda Dirir said before the lower speed limits were brought in a pilot had high results with 86 per cent of people responding giving positive opinions on the pilot.

She added: “In 2011 a decision was made by the executive board to implement a roll out on all residential roads.

“It makes streets safer, it reduces accidents and saves lives. The Government recognises this and gave us funding.

“It’s the best use of tax payers money.”

Clr Brian Axcell (LD - Appleton) also asked how much the council spent on signs for 30 cul-de-sacs in his ward.

He was told the figure was £27,280 and that all roads would need a 20mph sign otherwise motorists would think they are 30mph.

“This is political correctness gone mad,” said Clr Axcell speaking afterwards. “At a time when roads and pavements need repairs, grass verges are not being cut and there is a proposal to close a local recycling centre, this is a scandalous waste of public money on unnecessary street clutter.

“In 23 years as a councillor I cannot remember a single complaint about speeding on these roads. I am, though, getting complaints all the time now about cuts in council services.”