A DRUG den in Padgate described as the ‘archetype crack house’ has been shut down by police amid claims it was also being used as a makeshift brothel.

The property on Unsworth Court is due to be boarded up by officers for three months after a closure order was approved at Chester Magistrates Court on Monday.

Tenant Lorraine McTaggart, aged 28, has been evicted following numerous complaints from neighbours over drug dealing, crack and heroin use, loud noise, and all night parties.

Residents also reported seeing McTaggart having sex with ‘multiple partners’ while children were playing outside.

Her bedroom had no curtains, according to housing company, Affinity Sutton, which owns the house.

The property had also been badly damaged, with carpets and floorboards ripped up, walls smashed, and piles of rubbish dumped in various rooms.

Elizabeth Heavey, prosecuting, said, “There had been a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour that point to the picture of a crack house.

“It appears to be the archetype of that kind of address.”

The court heard a drugs warrant was served at the property on June 26. Christopher Seddon, aged 27, who lived there with McTaggart, was arrested.

Elizabeth Heavey, prosecuting, said he had to be taken to Warrington Hospital as a large facial abscess needed treatment.

He went on the run, and was arrested again on July 11.

The defendant appeared at Chester Crown Court on Tuesday, and will next appear in September.

Victoria Stone, housing officer for Affinity Sutton, said there had been 21 official complaints in 15 months.

She said: “Ms McTaggart had caused a serious disruption to the neighbours way of life.”

The whereabouts of McTaggart are not known, as she has not been seen at the house in recent days.

A cat and three kittens had been dumped there, but have since been rescued.

PC Andy Murray, from Warrington East NPU, said: “This order shows the police will deal seriously with any complaints made by residents.”