A MOTORIST has told a court how he thought a van had come to the aid of a broken down lorry before he saw the driver being run over and killed.

Three motorists have been giving evidence of what they saw happen on the morning of February 15 when Trevor Allen was killed on Manchester Road.

Chester Crown Court heard this morning, Tuesday, how electrician Michael Taylor was driving to work when he saw Mark Slater's DAF lorry on the other side of the road with hazard lights on.

Mr Allen's Citroen Belingo pulled in front of the lorry and he saw Mr Allen approach the lorry with his hands up in the air.

But he then saw the lorry drive forward.

Mr Taylor said: "At that moment I thought the lorry was moving forward, I thought he was saying stop I have got something for you.

"The lorry got closer it wasn't stopping. Then it hit the victim.

"I saw his [Mr Allen's] hands moving but he couldn't get a grasp.

"He slipped under the wagon totally."

But bin wagon driver Kamil Miskiewicz who was behind Mr Taylor said he saw Mr Allen and Slater both get out of their vehicles to talk.

Speaking of seeing Slater's face as he drive past him having just hit Mr Allen he said: "I saw a bad face. In my opinion the face was like a 'nothing can stop me' face."

And finally Simon Feltham, who was driving home after having a round of golf at Birchwood Golf Club was cancelled, told the court what Slater told him when he stopped at the scene.

He said: "He look agitated, I wound my window down, he got out of his cab and he said "He started throwing things at my lorry, he started throwing things at my lorry and it all started back down at the lights."

Slater, aged 47, from Oldham, denies murder.

The trial continues.