THE art world is waking up to the work of the Warrington Urban Artist as an Australian gallery has just snapped up a piece for a cool £2,500.

Featuring two masked soldiers with bleeding hearts adorning the canvas the work is reminiscent of the Warrington Urban Artist's usual designs.

Speaking about their latest sale to the Warrington Guardian the artist, also known as Vike, said: "It came about via a post on Facebook, the picture was shared and hey presto the gallery contacted me and the rest is history as they say.

"I sell my art via the Facebook pages once they are completed, if people wish to purchase them they simply message me and I'll send it to anywhere around the globe."

And after initially starting out by leaving canvas' in locations across Warrington their following has grown.

And now the borough's own answer to Banksy has work in the US, Canada, Germany, France as well as Australia.

They can now sell anything from one piece a month up to four in a week as demand for the stencil and paint pieces grows.

"The pieces I do seem to be picking up in price as I go which is good news as I give a lot to charity, so they can make more for the images."

That charity work is also continuing for the urban artist.

"One piece will be going to the Help For Heroes charity via Warrington Lions, while the most recent art work I'm sending to the US sold for £900 so things are looking up."

To find out more about Warrington Urban Artist visit their Facebook page.