At the end of three days of live music across the town centre, it was left for Scouting For Girls to bring this year's Warrington Music Festival to a close.

With a triumphant headline show in the Old Market Place on a warm summer's evening, they did just that.

Drawing predominantly from their first two albums, the London-based band played just over a hour, treating the crowd with not only their charm, but boundless amount of chart-friendly tracks.

First of all however, like with the Happy Mondays last year, it was down to Warrington-based acts to warm up the crowd.

And while Kim Jennett put in a solid set, it was Conquer Rio that really impressed, showing why they are regulars at stadiums around the north west with a sound destined for the big stages.

Once Scouting For Girls came onto the stage, frontman Roy Stride was quick to involve the audience in the show, naming them the 'fifth member' of the band (the fourth being tour guitarist Jamie O’Gorman who positively contributes to the sound).

He got them to clap, sing and bounce along to lively renditions of Heartbeat, Posh Girls, Silly Song and many others.

Only a few songs later, he conceded this crowd was his favourite of the day, after the band had earlier played at Dartford Festival in Kent.

While many of the songs are hardly of substance (I Wish I Was James Bond anyone?), there was no denying they know how to perform these infectious songs in a fun way to the benefit of the crowd that started to queue early in the afternoon.

When the band returned for an encore, they inevitably ended with 'She's So Lovely', and I'm not sure there was a single person in the audience who did not know the words.