EVENING wrap fans, there is a heatwave coming over the next few days.

So it is time to check out the hottest stories in Warrington today.

1 Just in time for the sun, the council has agreed a deal to give Golden Gates a loan to provide solar panels.

And the news has provoked plenty of debate on Facebook.

Check out the full story here

Warrington Guardian: Warwick Hospital Solar Panels

2 Police were called to Whitecross last night to find drugs and mysterious liquid.

Read more here as two men are arrested

Warrington Guardian: l Police are delighted with the new figures

3 Fans of cute animals are in for a treat.

Firstly, we have the tale of the United Utilities worker who went down a drain to save a duckling who was stuck. Click here

And next up, there is the woman who has seen a family of ducks move into her back garden. She even bought them a paddling pool. Click here for more

Warrington Guardian:

4 A large tent is being erected on the Town Hall lawn.

Wondering what is doing there and keen to see more pictures?

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Warrington Guardian:

5 Police are investigating an alleged theft from a Warrington night club.

We have the story here

Warrington Guardian:

6 Wolves have named their 19 to take on derby rivals Widnes on Friday.

Read who will be in action as they go for 11 wins on the bounce, and which big name will miss out here

Warrington Guardian:

7 And finally, one of our most popular stories yesterday (and today for that matter) was the Callands man who met some of the stars of girl group The Saturdays.

Well, you weren't shy with sharing pics of you with other famous faces. Check out the full gallery on Facebook, and add your own.

Warrington Guardian:

8 And finally, finally. We weren't joking about the weather.

You can check out a full seven day forecast by clicking here