A PAIR of one-day-old ducklings found themselves on a big adventure as a major rescue effort was launched to save them.

The ducklings were being led off by the mum on Tuesday after hatching in a garden on Blackshaw Drive, Westbrook.

But two fell down the gaps in a storm drain and neighbours spotted the drama unfolding on their doorstep.

Chris Spindler said: “The duck comes every year for the past three years to have its ducklings here.

“The mum was leading them to the pond and they just fell down the storm drain .

“I managed to get the first one out after some time by hooking it out with a net as they had walked underneath.

“The other one managed to get into the main drain 15ft down.

“The fire brigade came out and said they weren’t willing to send a man down there.

“When United Utilities came out the man called more people out and they didn’t give up and managed to rescue the bird.

“We took it over to the pond to get it back to its mum we tried to reintroduce it as sometimes they might reject one if it has been gone for a while but it was accepted back in to the group.”