POLICE in Warrington will be governed by a new code of conduct that warns officers against being rude to residents, or having sex while on duty.

The code of ethics, presented to parliament on Tuesday, has been introduced across forces nationally, in a bid to improve the reputation of police.

It contains nine core principles, including integrity, fairness, honesty and accountability, and warnings against drug and alcohol use.

Ass Chf Con Guy Hindle, from Cheshire Police, said the code ‘is not about misconduct’ but ‘doing the right thing in the right way’.

“Cheshire Police welcomes the new ethical code which will complement the ethos of the Force and the standards already expected from its employees.

"Our staff and officers strive to achieve high standards and this new code will help us to improve even further the service we give to the public."

The new code has attracted criticism for ‘duplicating’ guidance police already adhere too.

Simon Roberts, chairman of Cheshire Police Federation, said he expects nothing to change in the way police operate.

“There is nothing knew in (the code), it’s a whole lot of duplication. I don’t see the point.

“There’s clearly a standard that’s expected of a police officer, that’s down to common sense, and most people know what to expect.

“If an officer crosses the line they will be dealt with, but that is the case now.

“I don’t think if you ask the person in the street, do they know about the new code of ethics, they will be interested.

“I don’t think there will be cops up and down the country saying there’s a new set of rules, and I better check them out.

“But if there’s only one set of rules, and these are the rules, then fine.”

John Dwyer, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire welcomed the new code.

He said: “I am conscious that recent high profile cases have highlighted the need for professionalism in the police service.

“The officers of the constabulary operate within a robust ethical framework, and this code supports that."