OWNERS who fail to clean up after their dogs will now face being dealt with by police under new powers.

It means community support officers will now be able to hand out on-the-spot fines of £75 to any residents guilty of dog fouling, or letting a dog off a lead in a controlled area.

Anyone dropping litter, or fly-tipping, can now also be dealt with by police.

Previously, only enforcement officers from Warrington Borough Council had the authority to issue fixed penalty notices for such offences.

Chf Sup Sarah Boycott, from Cheshire Police, said: "I know that many residents are deeply concerned about the impact of anti-social behaviour on our environment and they will be pleased that these new powers allow PCSOs to issue fixed penalties to people who do not respect that environment.

Clr David Keane, executive board member for environment and public protection at the council, said: “What we want is a clean and attractive town that we can all feel proud of.

“Unfortunately there is a minority of individuals who are spoiling it for the rest of us.

“We want to let these people know that there are now more eyes on them and they will be given a penalty notice if they are caught breaking the law.

“Make sure you respect the dog control orders in place and clean up after your dog.”