A JEALOUS ex-boyfriend stalked his former partner in a ‘campaign of terror’, threatening to send a secretly recorded sex tape to her parents.

Stephen Mulligan, aged 31, of Barmouth Close, Callands, terrified his ex-girlfriend for seven months.

At Halton Magistrates Court on Monday, District Judge Bridget Knight called it the ‘most worrying’ case of stalking she has ever seen.

Mulligan attached an electronic GPS tracker to her car without her knowledge, to follow her, and find the address of her new partner.

The former Burtonwood IKEA worker used Snapchat to send an intimate picture of a woman to her father, telling him it was his daughter.

He abused her on Facebook and Twitter, referring to her as a ‘slut’ and ‘whore’, and made numerous references to the ‘homemade DVD’. 

The court heard tweets referring to 'flakey boy' were a reference to her new boyfriend who has Psoriasis, a condition that causes skin to flake.

A post by the defendant on his Twitter account - 'Stevomulligan' -  referring to 'judgement day' was made hours before he was sentenced. 

The account is still active, and publically viewable. 

Texts were sent calling the woman a ‘tramp’ and ‘low life’, and he threatened to ‘take you and your family out’.

The defendant also turned up at her home address unannounced, and hung around in the street close by.

‘Controlling’ Mulligan was jailed for 23 weeks, after pleading guilty to stalking on May 7.

The victim, who kept a diary of the abuse, attended court to tell of the devastating impact, turning her from ‘bubbly’ to ‘anxious’.

She said: “I only go out to work, I haven’t been out socially since Stephen was arrested.

“Every time I open the front door I expect him to be there.

“I’m not the same person any more.

“If I hear somebody has died, or been murdered, I think Stephen is responsible.

“Everything reminds me of Stephen.

“I used to cry all the time, but now I stop myself.

“The stress has affected my physical health - my hair is falling out.

“My friends want me to go out but I don’t want to ruin birthdays, or special occasions.

“There’s no punishment that can change what he’s done to me.”

The stalking took place between New Year’s Day and August 5, last year.

The court heard Mulligan struggled to cope after his three year relationship with the victim ended in 2012, feeling ‘angry and upset’.

District Judge Knight said she sentenced Mulligan to the heaviest penalty possible, to the ‘horrible’ charge of stalking.

She said: “You waged a campaign of terror against the complainant. She felt she would never be free of you.”

A restraining order was also imposed, banning the defendant from contacting the woman, her family, or referring to them on social media.