THE wife of Garry Newlove, who was murdered outside the family home by a gang of men in 2007, has announced a series of in depth inquires to ‘lay bare’ the failings of the criminal justice system.

Victims’ commissioner Baroness Helen Newlove hopes the reviews will reveal the best practice to deal with victims to ensure they receive the correct support.

She said: “Victims deserve the very best possible support to get them through the haunting aftermath of crime.

“If they are not getting this - their concerns need to be taken seriously and improvements need to be made as a result.

“I will be looking closely at good and bad practice to ensure all those who suffer loss and trauma are listened to and treated with dignity and respect.

“With the findings of each review, I will be challenging the Government and other agencies to take action and make a real difference to victims and their families.”

In the report, published on Wednesday, Baroness Newlove outlined how the reviews will look at compliance with the victims’ code, complaints and redress for victims, restorative justice, giving victims a voice and putting victims first when cases are dealt with out of court.