THE owner of a tyre wall near to the Kingsway Bridge has lodged an appeal to overturn a court ruling which ordered the removal of the ‘eyesore’.

Patrick Moran, of Glazebrook Lane, was told that he had eight weeks on May 21 at Warrington Magistrates Court to remove the bales of tyres from the land at the junction of Farrell Street and Kingsway North.

But Mr Moran has refused to take down the tyre wall, which was built on January 9 and 10, and has ignored demands by the council. 

The wall will now remain standing while the Mr Moran fights to overturn the original court ruling.

Pete Astley, assistant director for regulation and protection, said the council wanted to reassure residents that it is doing everything in its power to seek the removal of the tyre bales.

He said: “After the council issued the landowner with an untidy land notice back in January, on May 21 Warrington Magistrates Court ordered the bales to be taken down within eight weeks and for the perpetrator pay the council’s costs.

“We since have been informed the landowner has now lodged an appeal with the Crown Court and the eight week compliance period to remove the wall, set by magistrates, has been put on hold.

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"We are now awaiting a date for the case to be heard at Crown Court and will have to await the outcome of that hearing before we can move forward.

“We will continue to fight this case and ensure that this illegal development is removed.”

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