TOPLESS waiters, strippers, goodies for the bedroom.

They may not be things that spring to mind when you think of ways to raise money for a hospital that saved your grandson’s life.

Unless you are Lisa Taylor, who has organised the ladies night as a way of thanking Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool.

Staff there cared for grandson Alfie, who was critically ill when born in 2005, spending his first year in a high dependency unit.

The Orford family had no warning there would be any complications until Alfie was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, lung disease and Hirschsprung's disease, days after being born.

Lisa, aged 43, of Cabul Close, said: “The day after he was born I noticed there was something wrong with him.

“It was a real shock to everyone when we were told he had a heart murmur at Warrington Hospital.

“Alfie was moved to Alder Hey because he had holes in his heart.

“We tried to adjust and decided we would fight together to pull him through.”

Lisa said Alfie’s chronic health problems and disabilities made things even tougher for mum Megan, who gave birth aged 17.

Even after being released from hospital after nearly two years, the Foxwood School student remained very poorly.

At four months a pipe, known as a tracheotomy, had been fitted to allow him to breathe.

Now nine-years-old, the pipe was only removed three years ago, one of many hospital visits.

“Sometimes it was too much for Megan but she battled on,” said Lisa.

“Alfie made slow progress, and sometimes you think he’s been ill for years, is that how long we’ve coped with this.

“He’s doing so much better now, he’s brilliant.

“He has splints on his legs because he didn’t get to walk when he was younger, but he’s so clever and understands everything.

“Alfie feeds himself and sometimes he helps me with the dishes.”

The ladies night takes place at Alford Sports and Social Club, Manchester Road, on July 19.

Some of the proceeds will go to Alder Hey, after costs of the event have been covered.

For tickets, call Lisa on 571625.