THE town’s GPs have warned people will 'start dying from routine infections' if a growing resistance to antibiotics is not addressed.

Doctors have spoken out in support of Prime Minister David Cameron’s calls for action to bring new drugs to the world market for the first time in more than 25 years as growing numbers of bacterial and viral infections are becoming resistant.

But opinions on the Warrington Guardian Facebook page were split over the problem.

Dr Dan Bunstone, Warrington CCG lead clinical lead for long term conditions, said: “We’re supporting the call for action on this urgent problem.

“The reason MRSA has become such a concern in hospitals is that it developed antibiotic resistant strains.

“Warrington’s GPs are advised not to prescribe antibiotics unless needed - and we want patients to understand the reasons why.

“Antibiotics won’t help with colds and the flu, but taking them unnecessarily will add to the global problem - and increase your personal risk that antibiotics won’t work for you anymore.”

Dr Bunstone also urged residents ‘take care with hygiene’ in all situations to avoid infections.

He added: “The more we have to use antibiotics, the more chance there is of developing resistance to them, and this makes treating bacterial infections much more difficult.”

Readers on Facebook blamed patients visiting their GP with colds and the flu for contributing to the problem.

Whitey White said: “It's because of all these fools who clog up the waiting room with a sniffle so really ill people can't get an appointment!”

Clare Fearnley added: “The problem as well is muppets not completing the course when they start feeling better.”

While Shell Angel Curtis blamed the GPs.

She added: “Only people to blame are the ones writing the prescriptions! Many doctors admit to prescribing antibiotics just because the don't like saying no! Or to cover their own backs.

“It's very rare that I take them and if I'm prescribed them I always ask are they truly necessary.

“I truly believe a lot of people immediately feel better as soon as the doctor writes the damn thing.”